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Jay Ford Weddings


Thank you for your interest! It is my job and passion to capture every moment of your special day and tell a story that you can share for decades to come!


Our focus and approach are simple - keep it raw and keep it real. We strive to produce beautiful aesthetic shots that push on the emotions and inspire the viewer to the greatness and beauty of two people coming together.



Our wedding videography content options and packages are designed to fit you needs perfectly! Please browse the options and inquire about the package/option you think will fit your needs best.


Each package page links to our inquiry form, with those details we will be able to further customize your option or package choice to ensure you get everything you need to capture your big exactly how you want it!

Wedding Packages 

Exclusive Package 

Feature Film 

The Feature Wedding Film is a romantic story masterpiece. Unlike

the Short Story, this film includes audio from the day of as well as music, and guarantees to make you feel like you are right back too your wedding day all over!

Short Story 

Our Short Story Wedding Film is a wedding music video all about you. It is all the highlights of your big day set to enticing musical selection to tell your story! It’s fun, light-hearted, and ideal to share on social media and with family and friends. 

Latest Projects

Latest Projects

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