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Far from home 

Join me on an incredible cinematic journey, shot in the mesmerizing landscapes of Iceland by the talented Sam Newton and Chase Viken, courtesy of Canon USA. This film is a personal exploration of my humble beginnings in Palmdale, California, and the transformative power of the camera in my life. Through the lens of my camera, I've had the privilege to travel to nearly 30 countries, each one adding a unique chapter to my story. Far from Home celebrates the boundless potential of photography/videography  and its ability to open doors to new horizons, allowing me to share the beauty and diversity of our world.

More than a Film

Sam Newton, a talented filmmaker and my friend, gave me the chance to share my story on his platform. But this adventure became unforgettable because of the friends I made.


In Iceland, the locals were incredibly friendly. They not only shared their stories but also their way of life. We partied and danced together at a local festival.

One night, we went on a road trip along the Golden Circle to see the Northern Lights. It was a thrilling chase through the dark, and when we finally saw the lights, it felt like a dream.

This trip was more than special. It was about friendship, adventure, and the incredible experiences we shared. The film was just the beginning of a lasting connection with Iceland and its people, a reminder that the best stories are often about the people we meet along the way.


Far From Home





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